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Photo of Hanna & Janis

Hanna & Janis

There are several Italian restaurants, but few are from Italy.  

The way my father showed me where I came from was through food and music.  Bringing me to his home in Positano, Italy every year is a big part of my upbringing.  Every year, I look forward to the summer when I travel to Positano, "The Pearl of South Italy" to visit my family and live la Bella vita,  bringing culture, traditions, and Italian style back to our family run restaurant.  


I love to see guests dine at my families restaurant while smiling as they enjoy the dishes I grew up with.  Villa Positano is a warm environment where the neighborhood feels welcome and like family.  My favorite holiday is Christmas when the family arrives from Italy and everyone is in the Kitchen preparing for our busy season of catering and the Feast of the seven Fishes.  I look forward to seeing you soon :)